Trade Marketing Development

Trade marketing is the rarely understood “other marketing” that often gets lost in the shuffle or split between sales and marketing. Despite the mystique, trade marketing is no less important than brand marketing and should be considered on its own merits.

Simply put, trade marketing is the marketing discipline that is focused on the supply chain. It is the link between marketing and sales that ensures a scientific approach to customer interaction. Trade marketing is how you ensure your supply chain efficiently and effectively takes your brand where it needs to go.

Trade Strategy

Whether you’re deciding what channels offer the most opportunity or the resource split between customer visits and telesales, your Trade Strategy helps you map out your plan of action for all customer interaction. Our Trade Strategy model is based on a system that has been employed effectively in more than 190 countries around the globe.

Customer Census & Classification

Not all customers and prospects are created equal and they won’t bring you the same value. We can work with your people to install a more structured way to look at your customers and differentiate them from a value perspective.

Trade Coverage Planning

You may know how many customers you call on but do you know how many you should be calling on? Do they all need to be called on in the same way? There is a simple science to planning your customer coverage that can help you understand if you have the right number of people and if they’re calling on the correct customer base.

Territory Management

Some salesmen work harder than others but it should not be an institutional bias. Our Trade Marketing experts can introduce you to concepts that help you balance your sales workloads and ensure the most efficient use of your customer facing resources.

Trade Programs & Events

You can’t be everything to everybody and you certainly can’t be everywhere at once. Let us work with you on developing a plan for trade advertising, programs and events that will put you in a position to get the most out of your customers.