Web Design & Development

With today’s consumer, web technology can be a powerful and efficient way to advertise and communicate on a very personal level. This makes an internet presence the single most important feature in your advertising toolbox. Whether you need a whole new website or just want to update your current one, we can help you shape your internet presence into a formidable marketing entity.  Read on below to learn more about our website design and development services.

Website Design

Our website design and development experience covers the full range of websites from basic to extremely complex with all the bells and whistles. Our focus is to make your site look very good but extremely functional and search engine friendly. Regardless of your needs, we can develop a website that will look and function the way you want it to and attract visitors better than you anticipated. Our primary website design services are focused in the following areas.

  • Basic HTML website designs
  • Dynamic PHP website designs
  • Basic WordPress Website and Blog Designs
  • Customized WordPress Content Management System (CMS) website designs

Website Analysis

If you’re looking to optimize your website to improve performance and search engine rankings, we can help. Frontera can provide both summary level and in-depth web page and site analysis to provide you with an objective review of where your site is doing well and where you could stand some improvements. Our analysis includes a review of traffic, rankings, keywords and load speeds as well as references from key web resources such as Google, Alexa, Compete and Open Site Explorer.

Website Setup & Hosting

Whether we build your website or not, we offer very competitive web hosting and administration services. What’s more, we won’t just set your website up and forget about it. Our internet specialists will install analytics and monitor them regularly to ensure your website is getting you the web profile you need. You also won’t need to be reluctant to make minor changes for fear of an hourly rate. Minor changes are included as part of our monthly hosting and administration package.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It doesn’t matter how good your website is if nobody can find it. At Frontera, we stay current with both online and offline SEO methodologies and we build our sites to take full advantage. If you like your website design but not your search results, we can update your tags, keywords and copy to improve SEO without changing your website aesthetics.

Social Media & Internet Marketing

Social Media and Internet Marketing go hand in hand with SEO. We specialize in using Social Media tools like Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic and increase the ranking of your existing website. Bring us in for a Social Media training consultation and we’ll show you how to increase your internet profile.

Not sure you have the time to do Social Media properly? We understand that managing your Social Media presence is very labor intensive. If you don’t have the in-house resources, take advantage of our Social Media service and we’ll manage it for you. You’ll see positive results in 2 weeks or less.