Top Secret Kennels

Top Secret Kennels Walker Iowa

Top Secret Kennels is a breeding and training facility for quality German Shorthaired Pointers for household and hunting companions. They contacted us on a referral from another client to help them develop a custom logo design and an online presence with a nice, simple website and a new Facebook business page. We worked with them on a quality, affordable design and got them up and running to further develop their kennel business.


Article written by Mike Smith

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Mike is the Electronic Media Director and Site Administrator for Frontera Marketing Group. Since building his first website in 1996 using animated GIFs of flaming skulls on GeoCities, he's graduated to advanced HTML5/CSS3 techniques and is well versed in front-end design and back-end development with PHP/MySQL. When not building websites, Mike likes spending time with his family, playing video games, writing articles about technology, photography, and building custom computers.

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