Branding in the Age of Digital Media

Is Traditional Branding a Thing of the Past? I recently read an article by Brian Millar on Fastco Design about Why Branding Is An Artifact Of The Past. In the article he was basically making the case that traditional branding no longer makes sense, nor is it effective, in today’s digital age. He gave examples […]

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Avoiding Some Common Branding Mistakes

Good Branding Keeps Your Brand Alive Each brand grows and evolves throughout its life and needs to be properly managed and nourished to make sure it stays healthy. Even healthy brands can quickly lose momentum when treated poorly or neglected. Unfortunately, many of us do great harm to our brands despite our good intentions. I’ve […]

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Brand Positioning: Getting it Right in 10 Questions

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Deciding on a brand position is one of the most important steps you’ll take in determining how you will communicate in a very crowded marketplace. A well selected and defined position can help your brand set itself apart from other brands in the category and set the tone for future ownership of a certain consumer […]

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Brand Strategy: Focus on the Message, Not the Medium

Branding Confusion Over several decades in the marketing realm, we’ve worked with a number of clients, brands and campaigns. This group includes companies and brands ranging from the very small to the very large and just about everything in between. One of the most surprising truths we’ve found in dealing with such a range of […]

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Why You Need a Fully Integrated Marketing Framework

Link All Your Marketing Activities A disjointed marketing strategy is as bad or worse than no marketing strategy at all. Since your customers and consumers don’t operate in silos, it’s essential that you plan for the eventuality that they’ll come into contact with your brand message in a number of different ways. This is why […]

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The Power of Influencer Marketing: Part 4

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For our final article in the series we’re going to focus on how a medium sized company used a regional Influencer Marketing campaign to combat an industry giant. Again, we’ve held back a few of the details to protect the parties in question. Background – Medium vs. Goliath About five years ago I was engaged […]

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