The Science of Trade Marketing – Issue 4: Territory Management

Trade Marketing Science

Time To Drill Down Now that you’ve planned your entire universe at a macro level during Trade Coverage Planning, it’s time to take it down to the micro level. This is the primary function of Territory Management. In essence, Territory Management is where you take hundreds, or hundreds of thousands, of customers and assign them […]

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The Science of Trade Marketing – Issue 3: Trade Coverage Planning

Trade Marketing Planning Agency

Assumptions Into Dollars During Trade Coverage Planning, the decisions you made during Customer Census & Classification start to take shape in the form of a viable customer call plan and the associated resource requirements. In effect, Trade Coverage Planning is where your criteria are converted into numbers. It may also be the place where you […]

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The Science of Trade Marketing – Issue 2: Customer Census & Classification

Customer Marketing Quad Cities

First You Find Them Customer Census is exactly what it sounds like. You are basically taking the strategy you defined at the beginning of the process (see Issue 1) and using it to determine what your desired customers and prospects might look like. This is, essentially, the potential customer universe for your company. Since you […]

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The Science of Trade Marketing – Issue 1: Introduction and Strategy

Trade Marketing Strategy Agency

What Is Trade Marketing? We better get this answered before we go any further. While it has similar processes, Trade Marketing is distinct from Brand Marketing in a very important way. Trade Marketing is focused on marketing to your supply chain rather than to consumers. Quite simply, it is how you market your products and […]

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Good, Better and Best Backlinks for SEO

Quad City Website Backlinks

Better To Have Than Not Backlinks are like lifelines for your website. They bring help in the form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by aligning your site with other high traffic sites. Backlinks are basically an endorsement of your website by the referring website. While certain types of backlinks are clearly better than others, as […]

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Benefits of Social Media for Market Research

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you probably realize that there is a lot of buzz surrounding Social Media. As a marketing tool, Social Media is still in its infancy and most companies are jumping into it without a clear understanding of how to use it and how it might benefit them. While it […]

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Media Series – Issue 6: Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Iowa Billboard Advertising

Overview of Out-Of-Home Advertising When people think OOH the first thing that comes to mind are highway and freeway billboards. Billboards are certainly a large portion of total OOH expenditures but they aren’t the only component. You also have stationary media on benches, fences and walls as well as on many mass transit options including […]

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Media Series – Issue 7: Direct Mail Advertising

Iowa Direct Mail Advertising

Overview of Direct Mail Direct Mail is a form of “Direct” or “Direct Response” marketing. In effect, it is simply a customized piece of mail sent only to targeted consumers. It is called “Direct” because it circumvents traditional mass media and goes directly to the home or office of the consumer. Although measurements vary, it […]

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Media Series – Issue 5: Television Advertising

Quad Cities TV Advertising

Overview of TV Advertising Television is the big dog when it comes to media dollar expenditures. There are a number of reasons for this but the obvious one is that more people spend more time in front of their TVs than any other media source. For hitting the masses, there is really no better opportunity […]

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Media Series – Issue 4: Radio Advertising

Local Radio Marketing in Iowa

Overview of Using Radio for Advertisements Radio has been embedded as part of our culture for a long, long time. While it no longer serves the same purpose it did before the age of TV, radio continues to be a heavily used form of entertainment. One of the most interesting aspects of radio is that […]

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