Brand Strategy: Focus on the Message, Not the Medium

Branding Confusion Over several decades in the marketing realm, we’ve worked with a number of clients, brands and campaigns. This group includes companies and brands ranging from the very small to the very large and just about everything in between. One of the most surprising truths we’ve found in dealing with such a range of […]

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Why You Need a Fully Integrated Marketing Framework

Link All Your Marketing Activities A disjointed marketing strategy is as bad or worse than no marketing strategy at all. Since your customers and consumers don’t operate in silos, it’s essential that you plan for the eventuality that they’ll come into contact with your brand message in a number of different ways. This is why […]

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Social Media: The Great Equalizer for Small Businesses

Social Media for Quad City Businesses

Note: This article originally appeared as a guest post for Grow Your Enterprise. Never A Better Time If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably, at some point, debated with yourself on whether or not to do social media. Depending on how your internal debate went, you may be doing some already. At Frontera Marketing […]

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Does Social Media Fit into the Traditional Marketing Mix (4 P’s)?

Iowa Social Media Business Marketing

Is the Marketing Mix Still Relevant The 4 P’s of Marketing, or Marketing Mix, have been the traditional building blocks of the marketing foundation since the early 1950’s. While there have been changes and additions, these pillars have generally stood the test of time and remain key pillars in the science of marketing. The question […]

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Why Large Companies Have Problems with Social Media

Quad City Business Social Media

Emerging Patterns We engage in Marketing activities with a variety of companies and our work crosses a number of boundaries with regard to industry and available resources. Additionally, we’re fortunate to work with companies of varying sizes from start-ups to large and established entities. Over time, a number of patterns have emerged and one of […]

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Logo Design Inspiration: Animals

For Inspiration One of the most popular services we provide is custom logo design. Following are a few simple logo designs for businesses using animal shapes and drawings as their base. All of these designs are originals and some are currently in use. Others are just samples and we are happy to do custom designs […]

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Logo Design Inspiration: Letter Shapes

For Inspiration One of the most popular services we provide is custom logo design. Following are a few simple logo design samples for businesses using letter shapes as their base. These are just samples and we are happy to do custom designs for any type of logo for brands, companies or products. The Letter B […]

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Social Media Use in Business: Social Customer Service

Quad Cities Social Media for Customer Service

Ready or Not…Here it Comes Social Media as Customer Service function is an area that is developing very rapidly.  This presents a number of challenges for all types of businesses as many don’t have a Social Media strategy and, more specifically, they don’t have a specific plan for Social Customer Service. Our advice to clients […]

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Why You Need a Digital & Social Media Marketing Plan [Infographic]

Digital & Social Media Marketing Explosion Regardless of the size of your business or brand, it is more important now than ever before to have a Digital and Social Media Marketing component as part of your overall marketing plan. It should come as no surprise to anyone not living on a deserted island that the […]

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Don’t Treat Twitter Like Facebook

Twitter and Facebook Marketing Iowa

No One Knows It All We’re a marketing company and we do a lot of Social Media. Believe it or not, people actually pay us to do it! You might be thinking, big deal. Right? Anyone can do Social Media and you don’t need to be an agency to know what you’re doing. To a […]

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